CommerceCore is a Solution Accelerator for building an in-house software system for Multi-channel Commerce.

CommerceCore CommerceCore CommerceCore
  • Pre-packaged with Open Source components for E-commerce and Point-of-Sale software, with ERP, CRM and Analytics at the back-end.
  • The required infrastructure like middleware, database, ESB, BPM and Search Engine are installed and configured.
  • Bundled with a starter store and several end-to-end integration scenarios for illustration.
  • Built on enterprise-grade, proven Open Source components based on established technology standards

Build your Multi-Channel Commerce solution on CommerceCore - your way - as passionately as you arrange and decorate your own shop floor, with all the control, flexibility and customization that you desire.

We also offer services to build your Commerce solution on top of CommerceCore and (optionally) deploy the solution on the Cloud.

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