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TechYugadi is committed to ensuring that you can use your Virtual Labs smoothly, and to help you resolve issues encountered while using a Virtual Lab, within certain parameters and guidelines.

As soon as you buy a Virtual Lab, you will be sent a Getting Started Guide for the Virtual Lab. The steps in the Getting Started Guide can be typically completed in a couple of hours. It is strongly recommended that you go through the Getting Started Guide entirely before attempting any other work on your Virtual Lab.

If you complete the Getting Started Guide from start to finish, you would have also sanity-tested the Virtual Lab allocated to you.

If any of the steps in the Getting Started Guide is not working as documented, please send an email to help@techyugadi.com . If the problem lies in the Virtual Lab machine allocated to you, you will be allocated another machine at no additional cost, within 24 hours.

The chances of your Virtual Lab failing sanity test are remote, since we create your machine from a throughly-tested gold-standard machine image. However, in the rare scenario that a Virtual Lab allocated to you as well as its replacement fails the sanity test documented in the Getting Started Guide, we will refund your payment towards acquiring this Virtual Lab.

Issue Tracking System: TechYugadi hosts an Issue Tracking System for all customers. As you explore your Virtual Lab, in case you come across any software, tools or sample apps not working as per the documentation provided within your Virtual Lab, you can report the issue using the Issue Tracking System. The access credentials to this Issue Tracking System are sent to you in your Welcome email.

You can also report an issue by sending an email to help@techyugadi.com .

Scope and Purview: TechYugadi will offer best effort help and assistance in resolving issues and problems reported by a user that fall within the following two criteria:

  1. The issue or problem pertains to any the software listed in a “Software Directory” in the Virtual Lab desktop. TechYugadi will ensure that the software listed in the “Software Directory” above is usable for the purposes of this Virtual Lab.
  2. The issue or problem pertains to one of the sample applications bundled within this Virtual Lab. TechYugadi will also ensure that the sample applications work as per the documentation provided.

TechYugadi will not be obligated to provide help and assistance for any issue or problem not falling within the above two criteria. TechYugadi does not guarantee resolution on problems in third party software including software installed in this Virtual Lab by the user after it was allocated to him / her.

TechYugadi will not be obligated to trouble-shoot programs written by the user in a Virtual Lab.

Your Virtual Lab is a set-up for learning and experimentation. You can install additional software and / or modify the existing software by upgrading / re-installing / patching, etc. However, TechYugadi will be able to consider issues for resolution only pertaining to software listed in the Software Directory within your Virtual Lab, and for the pre-installed version of the software.

It is re-iterated that your Virtual Lab is not meant to be used as a Production system. It may not be used in production.

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