Our Consulting division has authored a Technical Report titled: IoT Devices, Infrastructure and Applications: The Unfolding Picture. This technical report is a crisp yet comprehensive review (around 100 pages) on the current state of technology in the areas of sensors, microcontrollers, network protocols, IoT platforms and application architecures, including case studies of a few IoT products.



Topics Explored in the Report:

  • Introduction
  • Devices
    • Sensors
    • Microcontrollers
  • Infrastructure
    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Network Protocols
    • IoT Gateways
    • Security
  • Application Frameworks
    • IoT Operating Systems
    • IoT Middleware
    • Messaging
    • Application Architecture
  • Standards
  • Conclusions / Recommendations

Intended Audience

This report will help Architects, CIOs, and in general technical decision makers gain a well-rounded technical foundation in the vast domain of IoT. This will enable you to evaluate and choose products and offerings suitable for your business domain, as well as get you to start thinking of smart, innovative applications of IoT in your business. It is not a market research and does not contain market growth projections or vendor rankings.


The report can be purchased by customers in India for INR 3600, and by customers outside India for 60 US Dollars. To purchase the report, please send an email to Please ask questions on the report as well, using the same email address.

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