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At present, TechYugadi offers the following options for payment for its services:

Both payment options are reliable and secure with fraud detection mechanisms enabled by the respective payment gateways.

How soon will my services be available?
Your services will be available within a maximum time of 1 hour from the receipt of payment. If you use a mode of payment that supports immediate receipt of payment notification, your service could be set up in 10 minutes only.

However certain modes of payment may entail a delay between your making the payment and our receipt of a payment notification - sometimes a few business days. Your payment may be maintained in a Pending state waiting for approval from you or from the relevant financial institutions / Payment Gateway services. In any case, we will proceed to set up your service as soon as we receive a payment notification, provided the payment is completed.

Always feel free to contact us at our published email address or phone number, if you feel there has been an unexplained delay in setting up your service, even when your payment is complete.

Please contact us if you need more details, or if for any reason, you require an alternative payment option.

Contact Email: contact@techyugadi.com
Contact Phone: +91-80-4173 3228

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