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This page explains the privacy policy followed by TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting (www.techyugadi.com), in dealing with information pertaining to the profile of a user of its services.

When is User Information requested ?

TechYugadi requests certain information about a potential user of its services only at the point when the user wants to purchase an offering from its web-site (http://www.techyugadi.com and other URLs in the techyugadi.com domain where the user may be redirected).

What Information is requested ?

The information requested pertains to the identity of the potential user, like name, email address, postal address and phone number.

For what purpose is this information requested ?

TechYugadi requests this information so that it is aware of the identity of a person who wants to use its services. It is a routine due diligence measure that TechYugadi pursues as a responsible company. The information may also be needed to offer help and support to the users, and resolve issues, if any, pertaining to payment receipt from the user for the services. It may be used for marketing purposes only in accordance with the marketing policies described later in this page.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Other Accounts

TechYugadi does not store credit card, debit card, Paypal account number or any other financial account details of a user who purchases an offering from our web-site. The user is redirected to a secure reputed payment gateway for payments. TechYugadi only records the transaction reference number for each transaction.

Technical Details : COOKIES

The TechYugadi web application that the user interacts with, may store cookies on the user's browser. The cookies themselves do not contain any personal information: they would be simply a small cryptic string of characters. The cookies are transmitted over a secure (HTTPS) channel and care has been taken to prevent a third party from hijacking these cookies.

The user registration page (wherein information on the user's profile is sought) can be accessed only through a secure URL using a trusted SSL certificate. Additionally, to access certain pages on our web-site (including pages where a user can purchase an offering and pages listing services being currently being accessed by a user) user will have to login using a password. The user may reset and change the password whenever necessary.

Correction and Update

Users can rectify and / or update information on their profiles by securely logging into an appropriate page on our web-site.

Retention and Deletion

For our records, user profiles are always retained securely and permanently. It is never deleted, even after a user stops using our services. We retain the user profiles and other transactions performed by the user in order to be able to address any queries or disputes arising in future.

Sharing Information

TechYugadi does not share any information on a user's profile collected during user registration or by any other legitimate means during interaction with the user, with any third party, except under one of the following two conditions:

Usage of Information for Marketing

TechYugadi may use the information about a user's profile for marketing and tracking customer satisfaction, including, but not restricted to : The above usage of information is restricted to marketing programs from TechYugadi itself, not from any third-parties.
User may always opt-out of such interactions by sending an email to the email address mentioned below.

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