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Please note that by the time a customer seeks a refund or replacement, he or she may have already used the Virtual Lab service to some extent. Therefore our refund / replacement commitments are subject to a set of reasonable conditions, as explained below.
In particular a refund / replacement must be sought within 3 (three) CALENDAR days of buying a Virtual Lab.

Once you buy a Virtual Lab, you will receive a Welcome email from accounts@techyugadi.com containing:

If you never received an Welcome e-mail, or accidentally deleted it, you can generate it again fron our web-site or ask us to resend it by sending an email to help@techyugadi.com

You will be entitled to a replacement Virtual Lab or a refund in one of the following two circmstances, provided you have reported one of the following two problems through email to help@techyugadi.com within 3 CALENDAR days of buying your Virtual Lab

When you report one of the above two issues for the first time, we will first try to resolve the issue within 24 hours or detect that there is a genuine issue in the Virtual Lab instance provided to you. In the latter case, we will provide you a replacement Virtual Lab instance at no additional cost.

If you still encounter a connectivity problem or you are unable to complete the Getting Started steps even with the replacement instance, we will refund the entire amount you paid for acquiring your Virtual Lab, including entire amount paid towards acquiring a Digital Ocean droplet.

Please note that the Getting Started Guide has a dual purpose of familiarizing you with your Virtual Lab and sanity-testing your Virtual Lab. It is extremely unlikely that a Virtual Lab provided to you will fail the sanity test, since your Virtual Lab is created from a thoroughly tested gold-standard image. However, in case it did fail the sanity test, we will honor the Refund / Replacement Policy.

A broadband connection with a minimum of 2.5 Mbps bandwidth is a pre-requisite for using Virtual Lab. Please check your network speed using a web-based tool like http://www.speedtest.net/ before you buy your Virtual Lab. TechYugadi is unable to refund any amount if you do not have a broadband connection with sufficient bandwidth.

TechYugadi is not obliged to refund any payment made for buying Virtual Lab, except in the above-mentioned two circumstances.

We are unable to refund any amount in case you finish using your Virtual Lab before the duration for which it was bought.

TechYugadi will not be able to refund any amount if any Terms and Conditions of the applicable license(s) for using your Virtual Lab is violated. Please note that Virtual Lab is covered by TechYugadi Commercial License.


Please send queries about Refund / Replacement Policy to contact@techyugadi.com

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